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Tiffani’s Post: Day #5

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Today was the final day on our trip. When we woke up we got to go over to a bed and breakfast and got to have some lefse with our breakfast. Next we went over to the historical school building. The building is now under construction. There is a small gift shop inside that all of the money made from it goes to the renovations. I feel that this building is the main asset to the town since it brings them all together for a common cause. We got to do some service by helping clean and organize at the schoolhouse. We were served lunch and got to speak with some community members before we left to head back home.


Minori’s Post: Day #5

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The last day was today, and we mainly helped in Buffalo. We helped to clean up the old high school and meet up with people in the town for lunch. Cleaning up the old high school is not easy because it was closed for 40 years and they just started using it again. The people cleaning and reconstructing are all volunteers. So, people in the town get together and do it. The building is open sometimes with a gift shop and a dining room. It is so pretty and the things for the gift shop are from donations from people, and the money goes toward the building, cleaning, and reconstruction. I didn’t know that Buffalo was a city of historic preservation commission. They are good at fund-raising. It is not easy to do, but community members get together with ideas, and they are good at. I really liked that people are moving on with their own ideas, and people are so passionate.

Lindsay’s Post: Day #5

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Buffalo, ND has mostly internal connections.  They don’t have any big factories or plants that employ most of their town like some other small towns do.  They work a lot on just their community and restoring the history of it.

The community life is one where everyone helps out.  It’s more service than networks, but I suppose one could see the network as the community itself.  They help the companies in the community out when they are in trouble and that creates their internal network.

Service plays a big role in this town.  Everyone seems to help out and not just in one part of the community but in multiple.  That is what it takes to make all the things happen in a small town with not too many people and most if not all the positions are volunteer.  We visited an old school house that is being restored and made into a possible place for events such as wedding receptions.  Right now they have restored the main level into a place where people can bring things they no longer use and they sell it to help pay for the costs of the building.  The people in the town have volunteered much of their own time to make this historic building usable so it can be remembered.

This town doesn’t have much for capital other than it is sort of close to the interstate, but Tower City gets most of the business from that.  I believe Buffalo, with all the hard work and willing people, could do a lot more if it was closer to the interstate.  They would be able to create a lot of revenue and interest off of it.