UND Center for Community Engagement

Follow Along with the Stone Soup Bus Tour

In From the Center on March 11, 2011 at 12:35 pm

A van full of University of North Dakota students and their instructor is setting out across the state of North Dakota to learn about service and rural communities by meeting with community members, participating in projects, and seeing firsthand what small towns have to offer.

While their peers are on vacation, students enrolled in “Service and Rural Communties,” will spend March 14-18 touring North Dakota and serving rural communities. They will be heading  out from Grand Forks Monday, with a stop in Bismarck to meet North Dakota First Lady Betsy Dalrymple and view the legislative process, then on to Hettinger, Hazen, New Town, Tioga, Rugby, and Ft. Totten, before returning home March 18.

“Many students come to UND and never get to see the rural communities of North Dakota. The tour will give them this opportunity and the chance to see the importance of service, especially with the challenges rural communities face,” said Dr. Lana Rakow, Director of the Center for Community Engagement and course instructor.

Follow along as the students post their experiences and reflections throughout the week-long trek.

  1. this is awesome!

  2. Great blog posts! Thanks for being open to these new experiences and sharing them with the world.

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