UND Center for Community Engagement

Kelly: Day One

In Students' Reflections on March 14, 2011 at 11:59 pm

Today has made me realize something that many members on the Stone Soup Tour mentioned as well, how small North Dakota can seem even at the capital. It seems everyone is seeing familiar faces and feels welcomed by the members serving in the government. This made me realize these elected officials are making decisions and voting on issues that are not just abstract ideas, but thing that make a difference in the life’s of many, no matter what your occupation or age one might be. I have always been intimidated by politics, thinking both that they were out of my control, and too complicated for me to understand. Being able to sit in and witness what goes on made the idea of politics more intriguing and inviting.

I think this was a great way to start out the trip because by making it known that what goes on in the capitol makes a difference in places and your voice can be heard. That feeling was also reconfirmed when we had conversation with the first lady. She seemed interested and thankful for our service. So far on this trip I have feel included and embraced by government officials, making me think that my voice and opinion can be heard. Although it may just be one of the many it makes a difference. With a belly fully of a delicious home cooked meal sitting by a fire reflecting on my day in a strangers home who now feels like an old family friend is such a wonderful feeling that makes me excited for what this trip brings.

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