UND Center for Community Engagement

Annie: Day One

In Students' Reflections on March 15, 2011 at 12:01 am

The journey ahead is a rather special and shared belief in service and community engagement while taking the University to its citizens. This year, as an alternative spring break, we are striving to do something different by going to rural and tribal communities to learn the different assets that build and maintain a community. Through student and faculty involvement in the communities, we ask, how can we as a team help improve certain assets in rural and tribal communities around North Dakota?

We first started out in Bismarck, North Dakota where we attended sessions for the Senators and Legislators in the historical capitol building. I now have a better understanding about how bills and amendments are passed and debated about because I could relate and connect with some of the bills that were discussed. The senators and legislators were especially interested in our new voices because I could tell they were passionate about education of youth and the advantages of a changing community. The State Superintendent, illustrated the importance of education by having this quote “Every adult needs a child to teach, it’s the way adults learn,” on his business card. They particularly understood the importance of community involvement similar to what our Stone Soup Bus Tour is all about.

After leaving the state capitol building, with some insight, we headed over to the governor’s residence where we had cookies and refreshments with the first lady. I saw her as a very influential person through her volunteer work and her active interest in teaching and education. All in all, I thought today was spectacular and I am excited about this heartfelt adventure.


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