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Annie Le-Day 2

In Students' Reflections on March 16, 2011 at 12:25 am

Day two of our trip was full of inspirations from very genuine and motivating people.  We started at Hettinger where we visited the Dakota Buttes Museum where I surprisingly discovered a new interest in history.  I was blown away by some of the stories that were told from the community members of Hettinger that described what they value in a community and how it has grown.  In particular, I was fortunate enough to listen to Dale, a resident of the assisted living center in town, about his life stories of past generations.  He expressed it through storytelling, which is a great way to learn history through a narrative point of view.

Stone Soup Tour participants at the North Dakota Buttes Museum

Stone Soup Tour participants at the North Dakota Buttes Museum

The last place in Hettinger that we visited was the senior citizens center where Benny, a 92-year-old friend, and I hit Kelly in the head with paper airplanes.  It was a blast!  Everyone in the community that I had the privilege to meet illustrated their community assets by welcoming us into their homes with open arms. We are so very grateful and I hope to visit this town again soon!
Throwing Paper Airplanes!

Throwing Paper Airplanes!

The next stop was Regent, ND where it is home to the Enchanted Highway and its creator, Gary Greff.  His dream started in 1989 when he started his first sculpture and now, 21 years later, 9 gigantic sculptures stand along this 30-mile highway.  He is also working on the Enchanted Castle Motel that I am certain will attract many tourists to this amazing Enchanted Highway project!  He was definitely a very inspirational person because of his motivated attitude and desire to keep his community growing.

These new experiences are taking me to new heights and I think my favorite parts of the trip so far are definitely meeting the warm and inviting individuals of each community.  Can’t wait to check out the pictures on our Facebook page!




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