UND Center for Community Engagement

Annie Le-Day 3

In Students' Reflections on March 16, 2011 at 8:19 pm

Oh Yeahh! Three days down, two more to go! We’re on our third day of our collective endeavor hitting up Sue’s Café in Hazen first thing this morning with the owner of the church we stayed at last night. His generosity was much like what I’ve seen so far on this trip. We then walked down to Duke Rosendahl’s office who is an Economic Developer for the city of Hazen. (He is also in a band called the Ray Raven’s and he rocks the electric guitar!) He talked about certain assets of a community that he values such as, employment opportunities, third places (social gatherings), community events, and most importantly, the asset of ideas! Ideas are the fundamental building blocks that help maintain, develop, and change community betterment.

The social assets that I think are most important are community involvement or civic engagement and interaction between community residents and outside sources. The strengthening of relationships and communication encourages initiative, responsibility, and adaptability. The individual efforts performed by community members pave the way for changes for community development.

  1. Annie! OOHH YEAH! looks like you really are meeting some unique people. Looks like this experience is teaching you alot about North Dakota communities, hopefully UND can keep on giving and helping out even after your tour! Great JOB!

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