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Grace-Day 3

In Students' Reflections on March 16, 2011 at 8:24 pm

BOOM! Day three. Feeling pretty tired, but very educated. We were on the road quite a bit today traveling from Hazen to New Town, reservation of Three Affiliated Tribes of Berthold. Sitting here at a local casino, a couple ideas sparked my mind today as far as social assests and community involvement.

We actually managed to get our van stuck in a mud hole outside the Three Affiliated Tribes Museum, in which we were helped out by a stranger. We had been pushing the van for some time and to our good luck, a local had been driving by and stopped to help pull our van from the mud. This is a perfect example of how community involvement has played into our trip, because the people we have met have been so willing to help us when we need it.

Also, community involvement has played into effect greatly, as we were touring the museum, many of the artifacts and items had been donated by local tribes and persons. It’s Wednesday, half way through our adventure and I’m ready to see what tomorrow offers us!

  1. BOOM! Wow what a community we have here in North Dakota, helping you out of mud holes. I looked at all your pictures and you all look like you are having so much fun! So exciting to see you rocketing around North Dakota representing UND with such class. Hope you have a great Patty’s Day!

  2. I am glad to now that you all were part of the UND Stone Soup Tour and that you came to vist our Museum and the Fort Berthold Reservation. My name is Kelly Fox also an enrollled member of the Three Affilated Tribes. Iam the driver who stopped. I work across from the Museum at the Three Affilated Tribes Kidney Dialysis Unit where I am the Social Worker. Also Iam currently a graduate student enrolleed in UND’s Master of Social Work Program in the Distance Program. I regret not asking where you all were from. I enjoy your Blogs and the information you are sharing about your adventures and learning about North Dakota

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