UND Center for Community Engagement

Laura-Day 3

In Students' Reflections on March 16, 2011 at 8:12 pm

We are now on Day 3 of our trip. Last night we arrived in Hazen, North Dakota, where we stayed overnight. This morning we met with Duke Rosendahl of the Hazen Economic Developer who spoke to us about economic development for the community of Hazen. Duke gave us a lot of information on some of the challenges that rural communities face. One of the major economic problems currently facing Hazen is the lack of a daycare facility. Not having a daycare facility in town greatly impacts working parents with young children, who have to adjust their work around finding appropriate daycare for their children. Hazen does have many assets, including the number of jobs available in the coal mining industry. The abundance of coal nearby is a form of natural capital for Hazen community. The Chamber of Commerce is still working on projects to attract young people to the community, some of whom may work in the power plants but live someplace else and commute to work. Some of these projects include developing a wellness center and building a more modern hotel. Even though rural communities often face many problems, it was good to see Hazen active in working to develop their economy to attract people to their community.


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