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Nathan-Day 2

In Students' Reflections on March 16, 2011 at 12:05 am

Today we received a tour of Hettinger from miss Ceil Anne Clement. I was again taken aback by character of this small town. We then helped collect oral histories for the Dakota Buttes Museum. For this, Larrie and I went to interview an older gentleman who has lived most of his life in Hettinger (Al McIntyre). McIntyre worked in the radio for thirty-five years, and coincidentally knew how to explain things to us in an imaginative way. We also had a reporter for the local small town paper.

What really interested me about Hettinger is that it exposed us to three people who work in traditional forms of communication which are: Newspapers, Radio, and Storytelling. These mediums to me are very reliable and I was highly impressed these people seemed very well involved in each of them as I find it sad that my generation relies on the internet so heavily.

After leaving Hettinger, we went to Regent for a tour of the Enchanted Highway. I was amazed not just by the sculptures but by the story behind it. The sculptor has been trying to use them to help bring development to his town. What was really impressive is he had never been an artist before he made them! How did he get so good without that kind of experience?

There are two traits that struck out to me that I would consider assets: determination and hybridity. The determination among its people is to improve the quality of life in these communities. Hybridity is also important in that people in rural communities have a lot of the same traits such as a strong work ethic and kindness, yet at the same time everyone has a personality which makes them unique.


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