UND Center for Community Engagement

Scott’s Incredible Journey Day 2

In Students' Reflections on March 16, 2011 at 12:19 am

Today the Stone Soup Bus Tour students woke up to the smell of omelets. Our generous Hettinger hosts showed us more small town hospitality and thoughtfulness by making us breakfast. They even made sure one of the omelets was vegetarian to accommodate our preferences. After breakfast we packed up and went to various locations in Hettinger to interview very interesting citizens. A 92 year young man named Quentin was the man I interviewed. Quentin explained that he was a medical core-man in the Army during WWII. Quentin also talked about being in Germany, Japan, six other islands near Japan and New Guinea during the war.

Since 1918 Quentin has had many interesting jobs such as; hog and cattle rancher, apple picker (during the Dust Bowl era), mechanic and Army medical core-man as mentioned above. Quentin shared stories of being lost outside in dense fog and relying on his horse to find the way home. Quentin was also caught out in a horrendous blizzard while checking to see if his cattle needed to be moved into their shed. The cattle were completely fine huddling together near a creek on his land while he nearly froze to death just to find that out. All of the Stone Soup Bus Tour students had a blast speaking to the people of Hettinger and they told us they want us to come visit again as soon as possible.



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