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Scott’s Incredible Journey Day 3

In Students' Reflections on March 16, 2011 at 8:29 pm

The UND students from the Stone Soup Bus Tour started the day eating breakfast at Sue’s Café. Pastor Steve from Salem United Methodist Church generously treated us to the meal. After breakfast we headed to the Hazen Community Development/Chamber of Commerce Building for a meeting with Duke Rosendahl. Duke told us all about what Hazen has to offer their citizens and people who need jobs. Duke explained that a very large percentage of the people living in Hazen work in the nearby Power Plants. Mr. Rosendahl told us about how a spec building they constructed was filled by new businesses as soon as it was completed.

A lady named Koley who works with Duke let us know about Hazen’s lack of child care. Koley spoke about how Hazen is trying to get a Child care facility and people to run it. Duke and Koley said they have been trying to entice Hazen townsfolk into building a recreational facility too. Duke mentioned that a fair number of Power Plant workers commute from places like Bismarck, because they can offer a better night life atmosphere. Duke provided us with lunch during the end of our meeting, and then escorted us to the door when we had to leave.

  1. Actually, the building is about half filled but we have promise of new tenants which will bring it much closer to being filled… It was very nice visiting with the Stone Soup group – I think we all learned from the experience. . Duke

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