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Tires Still Spinnin’

In From the Instructor on March 16, 2011 at 8:10 pm

We have had another exciting day here in the western part of the state. This morning we had another wonderful meal from Ms. Sue at Sue’s Cafe in downtown Hazen, N.D. Steve Behrens met up with us at Ms. Sue’s Cafe to talk to the students about tourism in rural communities. Also comparing Minnesota to North Dakota in how it effects the rural communities surrounding the larger communities.

Duke Rosendahl, Economic Developer, talked to the students about the economic benefits, assets, and opportunities that Hazen, N.D. is currently going through. Students were able to give him ideas as to how to keep young adults in town with an opportunity to mingle with singles! Another important venture Hazen is currently trying to get involved with is a potential daycare center. There is not many in-home daycares for parents to drop their kids off at.

Tribal Communities:

Today we had the opportunity of driving out to Stanton, N.D. and walk through the Knife River Indian Villages Historic Site. Students had an opportunity to walk through a earth lodge that Native American women put together in their lodges. Students were able to walk through an exhibit of an earth lodge and ask questions of how Native Americans lived.

From Stanton, N.D. we then were able to head north to New Town, N.D. to walk through the Three Affiliated Tribes. When we first got there, we got a little stuck in the mud, but together we rallied and pulled it right out with no problems. As we dusted ourselves off we headed into this beautiful A-frame building that encased many histories of the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara tribes. Students had an opportunity to talk to Calvin Grinnell about the current boom that New Town, N.D. is experiencing.

On to the next adventure, follow us to Tioga, N.D.!


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