UND Center for Community Engagement

Peaceful Valley, Tioga, N.D.

In From the Instructor, Uncategorized on March 17, 2011 at 11:14 pm

The week is nearly gone, and we are still are alive! We stayed in Tioga, N.D. last night at the elementary school in town. First night with showers, amazing gift we all worked so hard to earn. We were greeted with a warm hugs and treats as we pulled into a rural community in oil country.

It was an overcast day, and started off great. We got up early, on time, and met up with my dear friend Ms. Ethyl. As we were being greeted at the Senior Center in Tioga we learned that there was a 96 year old man who we would have interviewed; he passed before we could get there. The history that he held to tell us is now gone, and we missed an opportunity to have a community hold on to its memories.

On this journey I have found such a passion for North Dakota, as well as a sense of time, place, and history. If we did not have history, we wouldn’t know what roads to take next.

I hope the students have embraced the many experiences they have had this week. Each day brought an opportunity to a different time and people who have lived different lives and places. This life altering adventure has found new conversations on how we impacted a community, and how a whole community impacted eight individuals riding along on the Stone Soup Bus Tour.

We owe a special thank you to our dear friends of Hettinger, Hazen, Tioga, and Rugby. You welcomed us like we were community members and gave us experiences that will impact us forever.

Sarah E. McKenzie

  1. Communities such as Tioga owe you a big thank you for getting 7 other people into a van along with you and traveling around North Dakota to make our world a better place. College students may have a reputation for enjoying spring break acting out their search for knowledge in many ways. Stone Soup Tour from UND has found a way to help those of us who, filled with the strength of Dakota cultures and limits of our age desire to also work preserving our heritage.

  2. Thank you! I enjoyed reading about your group’s experience traveling to rural communities in North Dakota. As a former Tiogan I especially loved hearing an outsiders view on my hometown. It gave me a new appreciation for what I took for granted all those years. Also, it is great to hear the all positive comments about ND as well.

  3. I know only one Neva from here and her Grandmother, Muriel, helps make our Senior Center into what it is today, a place in the community for all to attend activities. Tioga has gained much from the diversity of it population. Just saying there are no “ousiders” around here, today. We love a girl from Nashville driving the bus and has anyone read BEARS MAKE ROCK SOUP-Lise Erdrich?

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