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Annie-Day 5

In Students' Reflections on March 18, 2011 at 6:09 pm

We are down to the last day of our adventure around North Dakota! The last destination on our fold out map was the Cankdeska Cikana Community College in Fort Totten. Where the people in the community are both tribal and American citizens, making them accustomed to different assets in their community. However, the difference is that their belief system is based on spirituality rather than science. Their culture believes in the concept of oral civilization, meaning that their beliefs are rooted down from their ancestors and the stories that are told to them.

The director of the community college expressed that their higher education system not only focuses on the students but their families as well because their culture puts family before anything else. Providing adequate daycare facilities, required courses on their language and culture, transportation, and nutrition supports students to succeed in the mainstream world. The people of Fort Totten rely on each other through respect and work together to help one another reach their full potential.

The road from Grand Forks to the west region of North Dakota was a trip worth taking. I do believe I have acquired a new motivation for life from meeting all these different people in North Dakota. It has made me want to explore my strengths to the fullest extent and use them to my advantage towards learning more and doing more. It is a humbling feeling that I now have seven people that I can call good friends because of this experience that we’ve all shared together. I know I will take home what I’ve learned to motivate myself to do better things and my admiration of community service has grown immensely. Thanks for reading along, this is Annie signing off!

  1. Yup signing off!

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