UND Center for Community Engagement

Kelly-Day 4

In Students' Reflections on March 18, 2011 at 12:12 pm

Tioga did not break the trend of what I have been seeing on this trip. It was a town full of enthusiastic friendly people who were excited to see us and greeted the group with open arms. After arriving at the elementary school late last night after a long day of travel and fun we did a little b-ballin’ and Grace was shooting three pointers! The museum that I helped cleaned up seemed to amaze me once again with the great artifacts and neat old cars. Ronnie a man who is involved in the Senior Group and museum was such a great guy; his energy and chili both were fabulous. I interviewed talented wise women named Vera Bergstrom today while doing oral histories. She is an honored member of the community who almost forgot to tell me about all of her great accomplishments before her niece encouraged her to tell me. It was her humbled spirit that made her almost not tell me about all she has been awarded for the community. Vera was the reason North Dakota has a state fruit, the choke cherry, and has been awarded many honors over the years for all the things she has done in her community. During the second part of our talk when she told me about all of the things she has done I was so touched I almost cried. She was so proud to share these with me, and everything was so real, honest, and I realized just how lucky I was to be able to have the opportunity to meet someone like her. This trip is coming to an end, although I am excited to sleep in my comfy warm bed I never thought I would be so happy that I am here!

  1. I’m so impressed with the enthusiasm for this project each of you expressed during your time shared in our community as well as sharing
    your personal feelings on the blog. You have energized us “older ones”!

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