UND Center for Community Engagement

Kelly-Day 5

In Students' Reflections on March 18, 2011 at 6:15 pm

Being on the last miles of my trip I can now count 5 people I didn’t know as my friends, they learned more about me then they probably ever wanted to but we have all made a real connection. They have helped in my learning experience on the trip and I feel like we all really enjoyed each other’s company. Annie, Grace and I have been roommates and close friends all through college, and this trip had brought out a side of them I don’t get to see every day, I feel so blessed they are my closest friends and experiences like these help us grow in our friendship and makes me realize they are fabulous talented people as well as friends.

Larrie was such a wonderful asset to our group on this trip. He traveled as one of the students and challenged us to think about things, he is a wise educated well-traveled man who casually shared his wealth of knowledge with us. He kept up with us young students, and if I have half that much energy and drive to still want to be learning at that age I would be happy.

I have a new appreciation for road tripping, rural communities, the elderly, museums, and the state of North Dakota. I think there is no better way to get to know a group of people then being stuck with them in a black van with them for a week. We all got to know each other so well, and everyone seemed to love to laugh making for a fun ride. More importantly I think we all saw each other grow and learn on this trip, we told funny stories about living our college lives, but we also shared how the people we met along the way touched us.

The song that came on my IPod while writing this has the chorus of “I wish I knew what I know now”; this makes me know I made the right choice by going on this trip. I have learned so much about people and storytelling. It makes me want to live a life I would be proud to tell to college students when I am in my old years. This is probably the most beneficial class I have taken in college, usually I am the average student who does as little as possible to get by. This class made me hungry for knowledge from others and made me realize I want to be learning!


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