UND Center for Community Engagement

Scott’s North Dakota Excersion

In Students' Reflections on March 18, 2011 at 12:13 pm

UND’s Center for Community Engagement (CCE) Stone Soup Bus tour arrived in Tioga, ND Wednesday night. After unpacking the fifteen passenger van we shot hoops to relieve our van lag in the Tioga Central school gym/sleeping quarters. Even though all of us looked and smelled wonderful it was nice to have a shower in the locker rooms that night since we’d gone without for several days. Outstanding friendly Tioga citizens provided us with an unbelievably yummy breakfast on Thursday morning. With full bellies and renewed energy; Sarah, Kelly, Annie and I went to the newly acquired Tioga Norseman Museum to help clean it since it’s weatherization project. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the abundant plethora of extremely cool Tioga memorabilia while we swept, dusted, vacuumed and moved incredible antique objects.

While some of us were at the museum, Nathan, Laura, Grace and Dr. Larrie chilled out at the Tioga Senior Citizens Center, interviewing Tioga natives with voice and video recorders. Our museum gang joined in on the interviews after a while and I got to help Grace interview the lovely Ms. Irene (the best hair stylist in Tioga). Ms. Irene told us how her husband helped greatly improve the water for Tioga and Ray (a town nearby). At lunchtime the Jubilant Tiogans served us Ronnie’s famous chilly (which may have caused some drooling), along with tasty garlic bread, Jell-O, and chocolate chip desert bars. Later on Laura and I had the honor of interviewing a WWII Navy veteran named Robert. Robert liked knowing that I was in the Navy too and he told us that his father served in WWI.


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