UND Center for Community Engagement

Leo Day 1-Cando, N.D.

In Uncategorized on March 13, 2012 at 12:38 pm

I feel the first day of the trip is very meaningful to learn different communities. How the people from all works of life to contribute the community and their own life experience. As a member of this community, I am so glad, have an opportunity to take part in this activity.

What a shame that language is still a big challenge during the trip. I hope I can 100% catch their meaning. So I know what’s going on in this city and how the community work. What I heard from the owner of the store is the small population, they want attract more people to come here. And offer more job opportunity to keep the hometown machine working. And they want update their building or built more however demand is smaller than supply. The situation here is totally different compared with my hometown is metropolis. Skyscraper is very common. Due to the large population the road is very crowded in rush hour. Although we met a large number of people every day we rarely care about the pass by.

People here in Cando greet each other. The whole city is made of few communities which people can know each other. I think its very safety and harmony to live in this city. Then we went to drugstore, Cando home, and have lunch in the Cool Beans. Maybe I should take the video so I hardly can focus on their presentation. But from the broken sentence I can catch. I still can strongly feel their passion on their career such as set up their own business. Maybe it’s easier to open the store here. They also work very hard on the nonprofit community. And overcome the difficult. We then visit the Dakota view property many precious material record the history of the whole city. In the afternoon we go to Art Theater to go painting the wall. I never painted before. I feel excited. Thanks Sarah taught me how to brush the wall! Team work is so nice. Few hours later we excellent finish it. I enjoy doing the volunteer! Tomorrow Williston is welcoming us.


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