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Yuma Day 1-Cando

In Uncategorized on March 13, 2012 at 1:19 pm

The Stone Soup Bus Tour departed from Grand Forks at 7:20am today. It was a good start of our trip to get to know rural communities. Since I am from Tokyo, Japan, I am not familiar with issues of rural communities. We were driving towards Cando, North Dakota in the rain. People in Cando welcomed us at the gas station Tesero, which Chad and Jo Staus owns. It was very interesting that we learned about Cando and Towner County, such as the lifestyle in a rural community, what challenges they encounter, how they develop the rural community, and so forth. We spent most of the time in the small downtown area, visiting Neumann Drug, Cando Home & Hardware, Cool Beans, and Cando Arts Center. Cool Beans provided lunch to us. We enjoyed having delicious deli sandwiches, homemade soup, cookies, etc.

At Cando Arts Center, we helped painting the wall inside the building. Everyone had a good time. The owners told us how and why they started their own business. The thing I felt from them is that they love Cando. Many people move to big cities because of convenience, entertainment, job opportunities, and so on. However, they stay in Cando or come back to Cando and have their own businesses to keep the community developing. Also, the community recruits people who have different types of professionals, such as a pharmacist, an accountant, and a geneticist. They seem to be involved in several things in the community besides their business and connected close each other. Those people greatly contribute to the development of the rural community. In this town, it seems that younger generation contributes to business in the community. I think this is a good model of developing the community. We have four more days to visit other communities in ND. I am so excited to visit them and learn other attractions and challenges they have. I hope I can tell what I learn in this trip to many people after the trip.


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