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Croix, Day 3 – Regent

In Uncategorized on March 16, 2012 at 8:51 am

Today we helped Gary Greff clean up hotel rooms in his enchanted castle in Regent, North Dakota. I learned a lot about how this town has been on the verge of becoming a ghost town for a while and the efforts the community members have made to keep their town. I would like to know more about the views of the supporters and people against the enchanted highway and hotel. Shortly after experiencing the Regent museum, we took a slight detour to a ghost town. The ghost town didn’t shock me but did make me feel disappointed that the community members had given up on their town. I do not know the whole story behind Bentley, North Dakota, but I have a feeling that settlers homesteaded in this town but moved because they found more opportunities in other cities. The last stop of the day was the town of Fort Yates and the Sitting Bull College. I was surprised to see that the college had about 300 students in a town of a little over 700. I also thought it was interesting that the college had mostly nontraditional students who were starting college in their 30’s. I think that many college students have stereotypes about reservations and that Native Americans are lazy. It would definitely be beneficial for more people to visit reservations to see that people want to achieve in higher education.


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