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Emily, Day 4 – Sitting Bull College

In Uncategorized on March 16, 2012 at 10:17 am

Today was a day of travel! We started the day at the Sitting Bull College. We were able to spend the night in some of their student-family housing and we treated to a great breakfast provided by the college this morning. We got a full tour of all of their buildings, which are new as of 2005. It was amazing to see the campus they have built for their students without putting the college into any debt! My favorite part of campus was the windmill, which actually powers their entire science building. We drove into Fort Yates to do our service project, helping with the head-start programs in town and also helping with chores in a predominantly elderly neighborhood. We then moved on to Bismarck where we got to meet the Governor and talk to him about what has been going on in the state. Our final stop was with Jasper Schneider and the USDA. He talked to us about the different types of programs the USDA can and have supplied funding for across North Dakota, specifically the more rural areas. We also got to hear about a project called North Dakota 2.0 which the USDA is working on in which the focus is looking at the future of North Dakota. It was very interesting to hear how much work it takes to create and fund these programs that we often just take at face value such as water or waste programs. I had a great time visiting our states Capital and getting insight in to how it all works.


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