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Leo, Day 3 – Regent

In Uncategorized on March 16, 2012 at 8:59 am

Today we get up in castle. Have a great meal in the local restaurant. Thanks kind lady Audrey cooked the delicious food for us. We were cleaning room, decorating the wall. I enjoy cleaning the room. We did a good job. Room looks more bright and neat now. And introduce these beautiful sculptures. And more details of how they built sculptures. It’s very tough to set up these huge sculptures. They insist on these masterpieces for almost 22 years. They are also very expensive. What a great job that only a few workers used limited resource to do these things. More and more people saw these sculptures and stop here wants to know the story about the whole town. I like this creative idea it’s assets of the whole town. After that we visit the old school, museum. The stuff in museum records the history of regent. Compared with today’s modern life it looks different the way they lived. In the afternoon we went to the Forts Yates and have buffet. Tomorrow we will visit the new college which set up almost a decade. It’s great for the Native American to get the education.


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