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Lisa, Day 3 – Regent

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Wednesday started out really good with a delicious breakfast of eggs and local beef sausage made my Audrey (again).  We had a short break before we went to work cleaning hotel rooms to be at the Enchanted Castle, future hotel business of Mr. Gary Greff.  We cleaned most of the rooms, starting with the floor, then cleaning dusty countertops and wiping and polishing some wood paneling.  So far I think it has been then hardest of our jobs on this trip.  There was definitely a lot of dust to go around but it was a fun and tiring.  Three hours passed and we were treated to lunch by a couple of gentlemen from the Regent Knights of Columbus.  

After lunch we were given a tour of the Hettinger County Museum, which consisted of a few buildings and a lot of items from Regent and the surrounding area.  It was really interesting. Don was our museum guide and he was a lot of fun.  The museum consisted of several buildings and one of them was an old general store, where the town doctor’s office (Dr. Hill) was also located in the upstairs.  Many original items were still intact, and our guide held up a photo of the store so we can compare and it looked almost exactly the same.  I loved that part.  Our guide showed us the Dr. Hill’s tools, his office and examining rooms upstairs.  He worked on eyes, teeth and treated babies and everything in between.  There was a real human skeleton hanging in the doctor’s office. There was also a picture of Dr. Hill treating his last baby named Lisa Summer I believe, in 1963.  The upstairs also contained his wife’s closet with a lot clothes, including her wedding dress.  I wish I had more time to read the cards that were attached by the items, because there was a lot of information on the cards. 

It was extremely interesting and I would like to visit again someday to be able to read all the cards and just soak a little more in next time, but I already learned a so much.  On the road again we stopped at a Ghost town called Bentley, which was very interesting.  Sarah said that in 2000 there was a population of 3.  Nobody resides in Bentley anymore and it is now a registered ghost town.  There were about 3 or 4 old houses, looking like they were built in the early 1900’s with a few more “newer” houses, possibly built in the 60’s or at least that’s what they looked like to me.  There were some houses with some old cars still sitting beside them which made the place look really intact.  Looking at those old houses and cars and buildings made me wonder about who lived there.  How they lived, if they liked it there and maybe they didn’t really want to leave.  I wonder what they thought of leaving their stuff.  It made me curious.

After Bentley it was a few hours until we reached Fort Yates on the Standing Rock Reservation.  I assumed it would be very much like the Fort Berthold Reservation where I’m form but they have a few more resources than we do, which is kind of nice to see.  Candace Eagle showed us around the Sitting Bull College Campus, which is nice since most of the buildings are pretty new.  It was established in 1973 (as the sign said) but by seeing the old campus on the way into town it looked like it needed some updating. The new campus is really nice and even has some property to rent out to businesses for the students and the community.  I really liked that part. It seems like a good way to help boost reservation economy and I was impressed.  Candace showed us the windmill that powers their science building. I thought that was just awesome. 

After meeting with Candace we ate at the Prairie Knights Casino.  It is bigger than the casino on Fort Berthold.  I haven’t been there in forever! We went to the gift shop too look around and I didn’t buy anything there, but I did buy some tribal newspapers to see what’s been going on Indian Country lately.  That concluded our day and tonight we are staying in Sitting


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