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Yuma, Day 4 – Fort Yates

In Uncategorized on March 16, 2012 at 10:28 am

We arrived in Fort Yates, ND yesterday and stayed on campus of Sitting Bull College. Since the town is in the reservation, I saw many Native American in the town. I thought a reservation area was surrounded by fence and we had to pass through gates to enter. However, there was no fence or gate. The area is very open, and everyone can go through the area.

Today, we met a lot of staff members at Sitting Bull College. They were really kind, talked about many things of the town, culture, and history. They really welcomed us and took us to the campus tour. We were able to visit most of the buildings and the offices. At the library, the library director Mark thoroughly explained about the library, e-book, and the tribe’s culture. He also showed us a lot of pictures and displays. I felt that there are a lot of history and culture of the tribe and that the history and culture are very important to them and the United States. Through the campus tour, I also felt their hospitality. I think they really want many people to visit the college and the town. One of the ladies who gave us the tour told me that anyone can apply for the college, including international students. I was surprised because I thought the application was open for only Native American or people in the reservation. At the end of the tour, we met Dr. Vermillion, the President of the college. I was very impressed by the school flag she showed us. It was not a regular flag but was made with eagle feather. I felt it showed their strong spirit and culture.

Our service project was helping a daycare center. I was glad that I was able to be involved in the service that is important for the local community. Then, we left for Bismarck, ND. We met Mr. Paul Govig and Governor Jack Dalrymple at ND State Capitol and Jasper Schneider, director at USDA. They talked about broad views of the issues that we saw during this tour. The activities of USDA are interesting because it is very difficult to develop the rural area without a financial assistant from the federal government.

We have one more day left till we come back to Grand Forks. I am looking forward to knowing about the last city Buffalo, ND.


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