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Lindsay’s Post: Day #2

In Uncategorized on March 12, 2013 at 7:39 pm

When visiting Fort Totten, ND I recognized some connections it has.  They obviously connect with the government for help, but mostly they are self-sufficient.  They rely on the casino and themselves to generate growth.

The community is small therefore people know about the casino, new jail, and elderly center.  They use these to help out the whole tribe and spread the money around so to speak.

The elderly center and clinic are some of their services they offer.  It’s nice the elderly center has been able to allow older people that are raising young children to come into the center because so many elderly need this accommodation.  

It feels like most everyone has a part in the service.  Some people, like our tour guide, are the voice for the tribe and actually go out and try and bring in more resources for the people.

The biggest asset is probably the casino, which brings in people from all around or at least about 100 miles to spend some money and stay on the reservation for a while.  It’s hard since the reservation is dry, the casino is probably not doing as well as it could.  Most people like to drink and associate that with a good time so not having alcohol puts restraints on the casino.  People may be going somewhere else to get the alcohol and this decreases the revenue of the casino, which is one of the main reasons the reservation and tribe are able to survive. 


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