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Minori’s Post: Day #1

In Uncategorized on March 12, 2013 at 7:33 pm

We saw awesome communities today. People are connected really internal of course. Especially when we talked about how people are connected, I was impressed. In Japan, all businesses are thinking about getting as much as revenue they can get. Also, we never connect strongly as these communities we went to today. I never had anything like bingo back home. I don’t know a lot about my neighbors. So, everytime when I see communities well connected each other, I love to see and talk with people in these communities. I bet people who live in close communities live better, healthier, and powerful. 

We today Joined senior bingo and science fair. Senior bingo was really fun to talk with really powerful seniors. They were so welcoming us and enjoying conversation with us. Fami;ies are participate to bingo as serving food or playing Also in science fair, I was so amazed that how students are smart at all. All of them are really impressive researchers. One girl went to UND for the equipment. Another girl tried how her research works. They were really hard workers, and they knew more than I knew. 

Karlstad had more business on the street. Town had cute store, grocery store, Telephone Company, Mattruck, schools, and more. People even pay for education. Everything could be their capital. In Edinburg, there are school with well-educated students, and bird room which are really interesting to see. Even general store was really cute and pretty. 


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