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Nicole’s Post: Day #1

In Uncategorized on March 12, 2013 at 7:26 pm

I was very impressed with Karlstad’s organization. Externally, they have connections with corporations that order products from Mattracks. While touring Mattracks, we learned that the company works with Polaris and the military. The town also writes a weekly newspaper that is spread to the nearby towns. Internally, Karlstad has many connections. They are very friendly and family orientated. Their city officials are also part of the community as a whole. For example, the mayor also works at the school. They also have a library for easy access to books. Their networks depend greatly on community service. Sue our guide, is in charge of many aspects of organizing the events and manpower needed to not only maintain the town but also to bring in more people. Everyone participates and makes an effort as a whole. Karlstad has many assets that make it unique. It features Moose Fest and the telephone museum. It is covered with Norwegian and German aspects and its people are proud of that. Edinburg does not have many external connections. When they had the sod house for a bit, it drew in tourists but we have not seen a major business or company that handles exports and imports. They have a lot of internal connections just like Karlstad. When someone is sick, they have potlucks to raise money, and even though there are under 200 people, there are active bird watching and business clubs. As with Karlstad, everyone is needed to help the community in Edinburg. When we were at the science fair, it looked like a lot of the town supported the students work and were coming for the girls’ basketball team. The assets that set it apart are the bird watching club (self-proclaimed capital of ND) and the historic general store. Where Karlstad has clung on and progressed, Edinburg has been destroyed several times and then rebuilt better. 


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