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Tiffani’s Post: Day #1

In Uncategorized on March 12, 2013 at 7:21 pm

Today we vistited Karlstad, Minnesota as our first stop on the stone soup tour. Karlstad has connections in the people. The people of Karlstad are extremely welcoming and we felt at home as soon as we got there. One of the families, the Wikstroms, contribute back to the community and this strengthens these connections. They have bought the businesses on Main Street and are reconstructing them to show the true Scandinavian culture. We had lunch at the Nordhem and toured the Nordhisk store. Service is also a huge part of this community. This past fall Karlstad experienced a devastating fire and all of the citizens who were able helped serve those who were not in whatever way they could help. The Wikstroms are serving the community by re making all of the old buildings. This is serving Karlstad in the way of preserving the culture. Karlstad has different kinds of capital but the main asset they have is Mattracks. Mattracks is known worldwide and was started right there in Karlstad! Once we left we then went on to Edinburg, North Dakota. There are several networks and connections here such as the bird watching club. The networks add to the community life by bringing people together even if it is to just watch birds or read a book. Service is another thing that is easily found here. They have meals for the elderly three times a week and are always willing to help. The main asset here in Edinburg is the general store. This store is amazing; it has everything a person could ever want. People come to Edinburg just to see the store complete with its three model trains. If you look closely at the floors you can see that this was once a basketball court. You can almost see it back when there was a game there and picture all of the people watching and cheering. It has been a great first day on the stone soup tour. 

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