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Lindsay’s Post: Day #1

In Uncategorized on March 12, 2013 at 6:57 pm

In Karlstad, MN I saw a lot of internal and external connections.  Karlstad and the surrounding towns come together to work.  Most people commute everyday to work.  When disaster strikes, such as a wildfire, the surrounding areas help out.  The town itself is very well connected in the sense that everyone knows everyone and they all work well together for the betterment of the community.  It was the same for Edinburg, ND.  The town mostly maintains itself and connects with each other, but for school and sports all the small towns come together to make education the top priority.  

These networks that are set in place help the community by creating a bond among the people.  They realize they all need each other and also the communities around them so they are very helpful and work well together to get the job done.

Service is a major part in these small towns.  In Karlstad, people help others with jobs when they need a little extra cash or something to do.  In Edinburg, the residents realize the town wouldn’t run without everyone contributing something so they volunteer their time and skills to help with things such as the science fair or putting on annual festivals to promote their town.

It seems most everyone in the community helps out with everything in the communities.  Without everyone working together, the towns wouldn’t run.  The younger people seem to take in interest in the town and making sure their parents and grandparents are remembered.  In Edinburg, the general store owner put her own time and belongings into the store to help everyone.  Or when there is a wildfire everyone comes together no matter what their job is to make sure people are safe and have a place to sleep.


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