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Lindsay’s Post: Day #2

In Uncategorized on March 13, 2013 at 8:49 pm

I learned Towner, ND has some connections on the inside and the out.  The forestry we visited was run by NDSU.   The college funds the forestry so they are able to sell the trees for cheap because they don’t need the profit.  The dairy farm produces all their milk but gets food for their cows from outside the town and also sells their milk outside the town.  In Fort Totten, the community college has many connections with the government.  They receive a lot of funding from them and in the tribe itself in order to make it better.

The community is centered on the agriculture.  The forestry and the dairy farm are strong supports for the community.  Other than that, they don’t have a lot other than their church, courthouse, and as in the other communities a senior center.

The red hat ladies hold the get togethers for the older ladies and sponsor groups like ours coming in to the town and making us feel welcome.  The faculty there mostly does the service at the college in Fort Totten.  They are the ones trying to get everything going not just for the students but also for the community.  They want to make sure everyone knows this is a place to come.

The red hat ladies were really the only group of people we were exposed to that did service around the community.  I’m sure there are others as I got the feeling this is a very open community and they all help each other out when someone asks.

The dairy farm and the forestry are probably the two biggest assets.  The forestry turns out trees to a lot of different communities, and the dairy farm provides milk and dairy products to further communities.  


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