UND Center for Community Engagement

Minori’s Post: Day #2

In Uncategorized on March 13, 2013 at 8:40 pm

I cannot find a lot compared to other two communities. The casino is alcohol free. It is really surprising that the casino doesn’t sell any alcohol. I think that helps for the people’s health. Also, the casino cooks meals for the jail. I was impressed.

There are reducing alcohol abuse, for sure. Also, car accidents should be less than any other place with casino. People also don’t spend a lot of money for alcohol, so it should be more helpful to put money for education.

There is a clinic. We unfortunately could not go and see inside. Still, it is really helpful because people don’t need to go away from the town to see a doctor. Also there is an elderly complex of assist apartment for elderly. It would be helpful for someone who need to raise a grand children or even anyone.

When we went to jail and having a tour over there, we were told that all food is coming from casino. I thought they have own cook or getting food from other restaurant. But, it was actually from casino. 

We could see the jail, clinic, day care center, hotel and casino, and hills.


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