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Minori’s Post: Day #3

In Uncategorized on March 13, 2013 at 9:01 pm

At the community college in Fort Totten, faculties are really trying hard to open communities for their classes and facilities. It was much different than what we saw yesterday. They are open auditorium to public for free movies and they open student union for events. The college is trying to get four year education even it is a community college. Students there were mostly single mother or elderly. I could see day care in the College. So, it would be nice chance to open up to community to people in Fort Totten. Most of tribes there are students or working there. Still it is small community but I think they are trying to moving on.

Towner is pretty awesome town. When we arrived here, people are really welcoming us and trying to know us a lot. They are so warm and nice. We went to forest service after lunch. I was amazed that one lady worked there until she dies. It would be about 50 years… I think. They hire 30-50 seasonal workers. Also, we went to dairy farm, and it was really fun. We looked around of baby cows and pregnant cows. We also could experience milking cows. The milk goes to down to Towner to make cheese and others use. We could see a lot of service in the town. Even it is small town, I could see a lot of businesses. I didn’t actually see, but I could know from the mat for meal. There are 40 ish businesses in the town. There are printing place, court house, bar, painting, and so on. Although town is mostly elderly people in the town, they are really nice to talk and having dinner with us at community center. It was really fun time. I guess all of businesses, people who knows a lot about early history of town, everything could be assets I felt.


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