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Nicole’s Post: Day #2

In Uncategorized on March 13, 2013 at 8:47 pm

Spirit Lake is very internally linked but it relies heavily on outside sources. The majority of the casino’s guests come within a 100 mile radius, so they are connected to “the outside world”. We learned that there have been many grants needed to help in the progression of the tribal nation, such as rebuilding the jail and the building of the nursing home. The organizations within the community are very strongly linked. Kids and elderly live in the nursing home and the casino is in charge of feeding the prisoners of the jail.  Its networks do not contribute to community service as much as we have seen elsewhere so far. The casino is more active in having people participate and changing the establishment to better serve the guests and employees. The reservation is not very active in having groups or town meetings as far as I know. The employees of the casino participate to make it better and the guests participate to keep the casino going. The reservation has very close knit families. The casino has many assets that bring in revenue, such as its auditorium, The View restaurant, and of course the black jack tables and slot machines. The reservation has some means of assets through the use of the Training and Employment facility, the jail, and the community college. Many houses are in danger because of the flooding of Devil’s Lake, but the lake also offers very good fishing and camping revenue.

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