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Nicole’s Post: Day #3

In Uncategorized on March 13, 2013 at 8:51 pm

Today we learned more about the Fort Totten community after touring the community college. I would say that it is a huge asset both externally and internally. The college is open to anyone and hosts community events. It also has a daycare and students can be any age to attend. It is connected to Lake Region State College and some other schools in order to offer more programs and four year bachelor degrees. I have to say that I was relieved to leave because as soon as we got off the van in Townsend, the citizens were already way more welcoming then the citizens of the casino and reservation. Townsend has many internal networks. It is small, so everyone knows everyone and their dog. They also have organizations like the Red Hat Lady Society and quilting groups. As far as external networks, Townsend is very important to the state of North Dakota. We went to the forestry, which nurses and sends trees across the state and nearby areas. We also went to a dairy farm that has hundreds of milk cows and calves. Honey and cheese are also largely produced there.  These networks make up much of the community service, both in jobs and social activities. People who participate are people that have a passion for what they do. For example, the women sowing seeds at the forestry or the farmhands milking and feeding the cows. The farm and the forestry are definitely assets to the community because they bring in revenue and provide jobs. I think another major asset of this town is its welcoming atmosphere. Some little towns are cliquey but this town is very receptive and accommodating to outsiders and that is beneficial for their growth.


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