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Tiffani’s Post: Day #3

In Uncategorized on March 13, 2013 at 8:58 pm

Today we finished up in Fort Totten by touring the local Cankdeska Cikana community college. This made me feel much better about the conditions of the tribal community. It was very modern and gave many opportunities to not just those at the college but the entire community. Then we continued our journey to Towner. As soon as we arrived we were greeted with a full meal and smiling faces. This community is very connected together. One of the groups that is here is the Red Hat Ladies and they are a hoot. This connections contribute to the community by organizing events and just getting everyone together. Service is important here just like in every other small town. Service is how everyone takes care of each other here. The assets that Towner has is the forestry service. They supply trees all over the region and to Canada. This is a huge this for such a small town to have a business that can supply such a large area. We also visited a dairy farm and saw how a small town farm operates and all that goes into it. Excited for the legislator tomorrow. 


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