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Lindsay’s Post: Day #4

In Uncategorized on March 24, 2013 at 5:36 pm

The first place we stopped today was in Bismarck, ND.  We met with Jasper Schneider from the USDA and I learned a lot about the work they do around North Dakota.  They can pretty much fund anything with the few exceptions of pools and bars. This is rare for this state as others aren’t that flexible and also pretty much every town in North Dakota is rural by standards.

I was able to sit with Joan Heckaman in the Senate floor meeting.  There were mostly amendments to bills that have already been brought up.  This was interesting because most of it was over my head, which I learned is normal for even new senators because these bills have been in the legislature for many years.

We then went to Tower City where we ate at the Tower Travel Center right off of I-94.  Here we learned the networks they have are basically the interstate.  They rely a lot on the travel center to bring in customers traveling.

The networks could be used more to their advantage, but they may not advertise or have as many enticing deals as other interstate towns may have.  They might be able to have better business and therefore more money coming into the town if they were able to do this.

Nikki Zinke is the editor of “Independent” newspaper, which serves many small towns around Tower City.  This helps because as she said instead of people knowing only what’s going on in their town, they can also travel to other towns that are having events and therefore more people are involved.  This is a free newspaper and its purpose is to connect more than just one or two towns.

One of the community members said one of their assets was their 4-H club.  It teaches kids leadership roles and offers them something to do to keep them busy.  One lady said their school was not as good or as big of an asset as some of the other towns we visited, but that was not the consensus of all the town members.  Others said it was a great school system because it was smaller and the children had more one-on-one time with the teachers as opposed to just blending in.

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