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Minori’s Post: Day #4

In Uncategorized on March 24, 2013 at 5:32 pm

In the USDA office, we could see Jasper Schneider. He told us a lot of things that they are doing. They are mainly doing utilities including internet. He says they are doing everything except building bars, casinos, roads, and swimming pools. It was really interesting to hear because they are building hospitals, and still they cannot build swimming pools for therapy. It was really exciting to listen to his story. We went to the Capitol to talk with representatives, and we could sit in on a session with them. It was a great experience to listen to the discussions for new laws and changing laws a little bit.

After, we came to Tower City to see people in this community. The Tower travel center was a place to shop in Tower City. It is a good place to come and talk because they have a restaurant in it. They also include a bakery. People have to go out shopping, but here was good place. We also could see the editor of the Independent, a local news paper. She had really interesting perspectives also. Education is a good opportunity here, with individual attention and spending time for each subject academically with the teacher. I kind of understand it because I have experienced small classes and big classes. In small classes, I was really close with the teacher and I could get higher grades than before. I also could go deeper in each subject. So, I liked small school with communities included education. They were welcoming to us also and talked with us a lot about them and their perspectives.


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