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Nicole’s Post: Day #4

In Uncategorized on March 24, 2013 at 5:20 pm

Today was a busy day. We left Towner early to get to Bismark. As you probably can guess,  Bismark is huge so we focused on the North Dakota section of the United States Department of Agriculture and the capitol building. The Capitol building has a lot of networks, both internally and externally. The people who work there receive their information from outside sources and the districts they represent. Inside the building, I learned that representatives are constantly emailing back and forth and talking and meeting in sessions several times a day. The networks for this are incredibly important for not only Bismark, but for all the communities (rural and urban) in North Dakota. This is where the “magic” happens and that determines the changes and progression of North Dakota. The representatives are an asset in their own right because they are the voice of their district.

We also went to Tower City and Buffalo which are six miles apart from each other. The Tower Travel Center was very accommodating to our needs and it seems like that is the focal social point of the two towns. It is an asset because it is close to the interstate. They also publish a newspaper and are working on a new community center.


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