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Tiffani’s Post: Day #4

In Uncategorized on March 26, 2013 at 8:24 am

Today we spent the morning in Bismarck. First we went to the office of rural development at the USDA and spoke with Jasper Schneider. He gave us a good outlook on what their office does. We then went over to the Capitol building and were able to sit in at the house floor meetings. We each got to sit with representatives from the districts we have been visiting. I sat with Representative Stanford. He explained how everything works and what he does while in session.

Then we were off to Tower City where we got a quick tour of the town and got to go into the Tower Travel Center. I think that the connections here could use some help with having a more positive outlook on life here. If these connections were stronger I feel that this community would be a lot stronger and get a lot more done. Buffalo on the other hand seems to be quite a bit more positive when talking about their life in a small town. Nikki Zinke is a local woman who has started a free newspaper called the Independent, which is something that is linking the communities together.

As far as service goes we did not really hear much about that. The main asset that Tower City has is the Tower Travel Center; you can get anything you would find at any convenience store here. There is also an attached restaurant with a full menu. I feel that this is what brings people off the interstate and into the town. While at dinner we got to talk with some of the townspeople. They had very different views on things here in town. Some thought that the small class sizes are a bad thing while others love the one-on-one attention their children get.


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